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1 2 3 4 5

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      Both of the meanings are equally good.

     You think so?
          I kind of miss the first but…
          that has kind of been lost…

     [ along with most other things ]



"Gaah Kar, no-oof!" Tim attempt to utter the words before having the wind knocked out of him and crash to the ground losing blanace.

     Really? Even with warning…

                  [ tch ]

     What are we going to do with you, boy wonder?

// I’ve had times I started to talk in English and people stared and I didn’t even realize I wasn’t speaking French >.> Lately,I’ve watched smth and it was going from French to English and I didn’t even compute that there was a language switch…

What I would give to be there omg

but really though i went to duolingo to catch up and i was sailing through until they asked me to translate to french rather than to english and my brain just froze


im at this weird point with french where i can translate it into english but i cant translate english to french

its like trying to say the alphabet backwords

does not compute

     I need chocolate. Lots.

     For… super secret Science Guild business.

· open · open rp ·

     [ deep breath and- ]




I smell Supergirl.

Das creepy.



      Thank you.
      Yours is nice, too, but what does the S stand for?

     Thanks, Big Guy.

     Well… The poetic version is that it stands for hope on my world and that it’s the symbol of the House of El.
     The version you’ll hear from everyone else is that it stands for Supergirl.

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